CADScor®patch box -20 Pack

The CADScor®patch

Acarix single use patches for a perfect attachment of the CADScor®senor on the chest.
The CADScor®patch is a single use anchor for the sensor, specifically designed to adhere the microphone securely to the chest, avoiding friction noise and supplying the constant pressure of the microphone towards the chest. The patch provides a tight seal between the microphone and the chest surface to avoid external noise reaching the microphone and heart signal to escape the recording. The patch material is based on biocompatible adhesives on a foam backing making the CADScor®patch skin-friendly and easy to apply and remove without distress.

The CADScor®patch is a CE- marked medical device, xx-x

Product Facts:
Classification:  Medical Device 1
Patches per box: 20 including 1 CADScor®patch assembly tool

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The CADScor®patch box contains 20 patches individually packaged in peel pouches.

The pouch is opened at one-end, by holding and separating the two layers.
On the paper backing of the patch peel pouch, instructions are given for the assembly. Follow these instructions carefully to obtain high quality heart recordings.

In each CADScor®patch box also an assembly tool is provided to ensure the correct alignment and assembly of the patch to the sensor head and body.

Prices are without VAT and other local taxes.