The CADScor®System gives you peace of mind in just a few minutes

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the most common heart diseases. It evolves over time and may go unnoticed until suddenly discovered. As CAD is associated with vague symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath, the diagnostic procedure can sometimes be long and stressful.

There are two traditional methods for setting a diagnosis: functional tests, and coronary artery calcification and narrowing tests. The former method includes treadmill or bicycle stress tests and stress echocardiography, while the latter involves CT scanning and coronary angiography. Both CT scanning and coronary angiography are procedures that need to be conducted at a hospital or another clinical facility.

A new complement to traditional diagnostic methods

Many patients who undergo these tests have symptoms that are proven to be unrelated to CAD. The CADScor®System is a new, quick and reliable diagnostic aid that gives your physician an immediate indication of the risk that your symptoms are caused by CAD. The CADScor®System test is performed in just a few minutes and takes your family and medical history into account, as well as the presence of risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The CADScor®System is a first line diagnostic support used to rule out patients not suffering from CAD, ultimately reducing your waiting time and stress.

How does the CADScor®System work?
CAD is caused by the accumulation of fat, cholesterol and calcium in the coronary arteries that surround the heart. When blood passes through the narrowed coronary arteries, an abnormal sound pattern called a murmur arises. The murmur is an important indicator of CAD that cannot be heard with a human ear or stethoscope. The CADScor®System uses advanced acoustic technology and algorithms to conduct the delicate recording of murmurs in the heart sound. The more anomalies detected, the higher the risk that the patient is suffering from CAD. Based on a score from 0-99, every patient is categorized into one of three risk groups: low, intermediate and high risk. The CADScor®System received its CE mark in 2015 and its FDA
approval in 2020. The device is currently available in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.