Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Acarix’s board of directors is the highest decision-making body after the general meeting of shareholders.


Dr. Werner Braun


Born: 1946.

Education: Dr. Werner Braun holds a PhD in physics from the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Previous engagements/experience: Dr. Werner Braun has international experience
from leading positions in medtech companies in Germany, Austria and the US and has been CEO of BIOTRONIK SE & Co and an external Board member of Technologies Ltd. Chilworth.

Other significant ongoing assignments: Chairman of the Board of Miracor S.A and

Acarix holdings: 34,000 shares and 20,000 warrants.

Anders Jacobson

Board member since 2020

Born: 1967.

Education: Anders Jacobson holds an MSc in engineering physics from Uppsala
University, Sweden.

Previous engagements/experience: Anders Jacobson has held various senior positions in different life science companies, including Biotage and St. Jude Medical, and within the technical consulting industry, including Sigma, Teleca and Prevas. In his previous positions, Anders has worked in research and development, manufacturing, service and technical sales in a global environment.

Other significant ongoing assignments: Board member of Acarix A/S and CTO of Senzime AB.

Acarix holdings: No shares or warrants.

Paolo Raffaelli


Born: 1965.

Education: Paolo Raffaelli holds an MSc in electronics from University La Sapienza Rome, Italy, and an MBA from IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. He also completed a number of traineeships at UCLA, Kellogg Business School.

Previous engagements/experience: Paolo Raffaelli has over 20 years of international management experience in sales, marketing and business management in the cardiovascular field. He has experience of managing suppliers and diversified sales channels in medical technology, including up and downstream strategic marketing. His previous positions include Global Marketing VP at Maquet Critical Care and Marketing and Education Director EMEA at Abbott. Before that, Paolo spent more than 12 years at Medtronic in such positions as Chairman of the Board and CEO.

Other significant ongoing assignments: None.

Acarix holdings: No shares or warrants.

Marlou Janssen-Counotte

Board member since 2020

Born: 1965.

Education: Marlou Janssen studied hotel management at TIO.

Previous engagements/experience: Marlou Janssen-Counotte has more than 25 years of experience from the medtech industry. She started her medtech career at Medtronic and, in the past 20 years, has held senior executive roles as Vice President at St. Jude Medical, Vice President International Marketing & Sales at Biotronik and President and Board member at Biotronik Inc.

Other significant ongoing assignments: Manages EDP Solutions at Philips Medical Systems.

Acarix holdings: No shares or warrants.

Johanne Braendgaard

MSc in international business economics BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2018

Born: 1974.

Education: Johanne Brændgaard holds an MSc in international business economics and a BA in French and international studies from Aalborg University.

Previous engagements/experience: She has several years of global sales, marketing and product management experience from the medtech industry from positions at Cook Medical and Getinge. Prior to that, she worked in venture capital and IT.

Other significant ongoing assignments: None.

Acarix holdings: No shares or warrants.

Ulf Rosén


Born: 1960.

Education: Ulf Rosén is a registered nurse and has a degree in business administration from IHM Business School. He has also completed a number of traineeships, such as in financial management at INSEAD.

Previous engagements/experience: Since the late 1990s, Ulf Rosén has been Chairman of the Board, a Board member and CEO of a number of Scandinavian companies in the medical technology, pharma and service sectors. Previous positions include CEO of Neo-Pharma AB, CEO of Attana AB, Chairman of the Board of Trial Form Support International, Stille AB and Scibase AB, General Manager of Fresenius-Kabi AB, Executive Vice President of the Global Nutrition Division at Fresenius-Kabi, CEO of Pharmacia & Upjohn AS and CEO of Globen Ögonklinik AB. Ulf Rosén is co-founder of Lobsor Pharmaceuticals AB.

Other significant ongoing assignments: CEO of Lobsor Pharmaceuticals AB. Chairman of the Board and CEO of Intrance Holding AB, Intrance Medical Systems Inc, LobSor Holding AB and Ponscasa Holding AB. CEO of Ponscasa Denmark ApS and Board member of Reapplix ApS. General Partner for Fund III at the investment company SEED Capital, responsible for investments in medical technology and digital health solutions.

Acarix holdings: 965,830 shares and no warrants. Ulf Rosén represents SEED
Capital which owns approximately 3.4 per-cent of the company.