How to perform a CAD-score measurement


Preparation, adjustment and fitting
The patient should relax at least five minutes prior to the test.

  • Identify the IC4-L region on the patient’s chest and remove hair if needed.
  • Attach the CADScor®Patch to the sensor using the assembly tool.
  • Add the clinical factors of the patient in the CADScor®System.


Application and recording

  • Attach the sensor and its patch to the IC4-L on the patient’s chest.
  • Inform the patient about the recording sequence, instruction sounds and how to breathe.
  • Start recording. Firstly a pre-recording is conducted, followed by the official recording loops of 4 x 8 seconds.
  • Guided instructions on when to breathe are presented on the screen.
  • Do not speak during the recording sessions.

Data analysis

  • The recorded sounds are automatically filtered and processed in the device.
  • The CAD-score result is displayed on the screen as a number between 0 and 99.

10% of the recordings need to be repeated due to inconsistent data analysis. The same patch can be used up to three times if not removed from the patient’s chest.

Founded on Pioneering Research

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Wondering how the CADScor®System works or how it can facilitate the diagnostic pathway?

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The CADScor®System is approved in Europe as a diagnostic aid for symptomatic patients with suspected CAD.