The CADScor®System

The CADScor®System – a first line diagnostic aid

The CADScor®System is an innovative, ultrasensitive analytical device designed to support a safe, reliable and cost-efficient rule-out of significant CAD at the very first stage of the diagnostic pathway. The innovative and completely non-invasive technology has been commercially available since 2017 and can be carried out by any trained healthcare professional in a normal working environment.  

When arteries narrow due to CAD, turbulence may occur in the bloodstream as blood passes through the constriction. Turbulence-related sounds, murmurs, are an important indicator of significant CAD. The CADScor®System is a rapid first line diagnostic aid using innovative acoustic technology, ultrasensitive phonocardiography, to listen to the entire heart. In just ten minutes, the CADScor®System detects abnormalities in the myocardial movement and blood flow, including sounds that can be difficult for a human ear or a normal stethoscope to register.

A small device about the size of a smartphone

Detecting acoustic features correlated to CAD is a delicate craft that requires not only an advanced sensor but also proper attachment above the heart to optimize the recorded signal. The CADScor®System is a portable all-in-one device that consists of two parts: a reusable sensor unit with microphones, microprocessors, software and a touch display with guided instructions, and a disposable adhesive patch. The device is simply attached to the patient’s chest while he or she is laying down, and provides an instant patient-specific score to assess the risk for CAD.

Clear results in just ten minutes

The CADScor®System uses advanced algorithms to identify a variety of acoustic parameters associated with CAD and combines eight acoustic features with clinical risk factors into a total CAD-score. It has been shown to have a 97% negative predictive value (NPV) at 10% prevalence of CAD.1 Patients are categorized into one of three risk groups (low, medium and high risk) depending on the score. The more or more severe anomalies detected in the heart sounds, the higher the score. Low-risk patients can be ruled out from CAD, while medium to high-risk patients are, in most cases, referred to more expensive non-invasive or invasive methods.

1. Schmidt, S et al. Manuscript submitted. 2019


Benefits of the CADScor®System

  • User-fiendly, intuitive point-of-care aid to support decisions on the diagnostic pathway.

  • A non-invasive, safe procedure, free from radiation and contrast agents.

  • Saves cost, time and resources while giving low-risk patients peace of mind.

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Wondering how the CADScor®System works or how it can facilitate the diagnostic pathway?

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The CADScor®System is approved in Europe as a diagnostic aid for symptomatic patients with suspected CAD.