Frequently Asked Questions


Wondering how the CADScor®System works or how it can facilitate the diagnostic pathway? We are here to help you. Find the information you need amongst the frequently asked questions, or feel free to contact us.

Medical questions

How can I use the CADScor®System?
When can I not use the system?
Can I use the CADScor®System on patients with valve disease/aorta insufficiency?
What is the performance of the CADScor®System?
What is NPV, PPV, Sensitivity, Specificity?
Can the CADScor®System predict where a stenosis is located?
Can the CADScor® system detect significant plaques in the three major arteries equally well?
Can I use the system in calcified arteries?
Does the CADScor®System detect total occlusions?
Can collateral arteries be detected?
Do soft plaques and the plaque composition have any effect on the CAD-score?
What about some borderline cases with a CAD-score slightly above 20?

Questions regarding the CADScor®System

Is the CADScor®System approved?
In which countries is the CADScor®System used?
To which class of CE mark does it belong?
Where can I find advice for trouble shooting?
What do I do when the battery is low?
Can I talk to my patient during the recording phase?
Can patches be re-used?
Where should I dispose used patches?
What are the main CADScor®System studies?
Are there any new clinical studies ongoing/or being planned for?