Our vision

Acarix’s vision is to create a paradigm shift in the early warning and assessment of cardiac and vascular diseases, and to become an international leader in acoustic diagnosis of the vascular system.

Our strategy is to develop and provide a quick, reliable and non-invasive diagnostic aid for healthcare professionals investigating patients who suffer from symptoms related to coronary artery disease. The aim is to address the need to be able to rule out cardiovascular diseases at an early stage of the diagnostic pathway. These diseases are characterized by vague and non-specific symptoms, whose connection to the cause cannot be detected without comprehensive diagnostic testing.

Business concept
By providing a tool for general practitioners and cardiologists, Acarix intends to establish a new market segment where CAD can be ruled out in the first line contact. The CADScor®System will be sold to clinics at minor capital investment. Acarix will also sell the disposable single-use patches, to which the actual ultra-sensitive microphone is attached.