The CADScor®System

The CADScor®System – a first line diagnostic aid

The CADScor®System is an innovative, ultrasensitive analytical device designed to support a safe, reliable and cost-efficient rule-out of significant CAD at the very first stage of the diagnostic pathway. The innovative and non -invasive technology has been commercially available since 2017 in Europe and in the US since end-2021 and can be carried out by any trained healthcare professional.  

Stenosis in the coronary arteries creates turbulence in the blood flow as blood passes through the contriction. Turbulence-related sounds, murmurs, are an important indicator of significant CAD. The CADScor®System is a rapid first line diagnostic aid using innovative acoustic technology, ultrasensitive phonocardiography, to listen to the entire heart. In a few minutes, the CADScor®System detects abnormalities in the myocardial movement and blood flow, including sounds that can not be registered by a human ear or a normal stethoscope.

A small device about the size of a smartphone

The CADScor®System is a portable all-in-one device that consists of: a reusable sensor unit with microphones, microprocessors, software and a touch display with guided instructions, and a personal adhesive CADScor® patch. The device is simply attached to the patient’s chest while he or she is laying down, and provides an instant patient-specific score to assess the risk for CAD.

Results in just ten minutes

The CADScor®System uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify a variety of acoustic parameters associated with CAD and combines eight acoustic features with clinical risk factors into a total CAD-score. It has been shown to have a 96% negative predictive value (NPV) at 10.7% prevalence of CAD.1 Patients are categorized into one of two risk groups (low and elevated risk) depending on the score. For individuals categorized in the low-risk group, the physician can use the CADScor®System as a diagnostic aid and rule out CAD with a high degree of certainty.

1. US user manual v.12


Benefits of the CADScor®System

  • User-fiendly, intuitive point-of-care aid to support decisions on the diagnostic pathway.

  • A non-invasive, safe procedure, free from radiation and contrast agents.

  • Saves cost, time and resources while giving low-risk patients peace of mind.

Founded on Pioneering Research

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Wondering how the CADScor®System works or how it can facilitate the diagnostic pathway?

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The CADScor®System is approved in Europe as a diagnostic aid for symptomatic patients with suspected CAD.